Now your favourite game is avaiable on Android and iOS. Do not wait, choose your software and play FIFA 20 on your phone!

FIFA 20 android download FIFA 20 ios download * Requires iOS 7.0 or higher
FIFA 20 android
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FIFA 20 Mobile – brand new game available on your smartphone!

FIFA is one of the most beloved series in the world. It offers you one of the most realistic experience when it comes to football discipline. The cycle started more than 2 decades ago and people have been enjoying it ever since. Obviously, we should take into account the fact that the authors from EA Sports decided to add mobile version of their game. In what way? Well, by providing us with FIFA 20 Mobile, the latest instalment of the game for smartphones.

Today, at our website, we are about to introduce you with FIFA 20 Mobile apk. There, we will talk briefly about the tool itself. But before that, we will also tell you more about the production itself and see what features one can find in FIFA 20. Of course we will also give you several features that distinguish our FIFA 20 Mobile from other versions of the game. In the end, we will take you step by step through installation process, so you can have the game without any troubles!

What is FIFA 20 Mobile all about?

Similarly to what original version of the game offers, FIFA 20 Mobile takes us to the virtual world of professional football. This discipline is one of the most popular sports in the world. Thanks to access to official licenses, we will be able to take control over real clubs. Of course in addition to that, you will also have the opportunity to watch real players and characteristics features of their playstyle.

Mobile version of the latest FIFA gives you exactly the same features as the version for PC, PS4, and XONE. It means that you will also enjoy one of the novelties, which is VOLTA Football. It allows players to play outside stadiums – on pitches that are set in a range of different places, e.g. underpasses, building rooftops, or in other similar locations. VOLTA Football gives us the opportunity to choose several game modes that vary in terms of the number of players – from 3v3 up to 5v5. Besides that, we will also be able to enjoy Professional Futsal.

Of course let us not forget about many other, minor changes. Thanks to that FIFA 20, just like its smartphone version, received improvements in case of gameplay mechanics. The dribbling received quite a lot of changes with larger margin of error, passes are now more difficult, and the accuracy of passing the ball with one touch is smaller. One can notice that the authors from EA Sports wanted to put greater emphasis on special, unique traits of the players. As a result of that, talented footballers with particular traits will, for example, have increased accuracy when it comes to kicking the ball with outer part of the foot.

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But how to use FIFA 20 Mobile Download links in order to play it correctly?

Everything is so simple there will be no problems with installing and launching the game. However, we know that some of you could encounter difficulties. This is the reason why we prepared a step by step instruction. It will facilitate the entire process of getting FIFA 20 Mobile enormously. Also, you will enjoy this extraordinary production without any third party programs whatsoever! Just look at this quick guide and have fun playing the game!

  • Visit our website
  • Make sure you are browsing our original website. To do that, make sure there is a green padlock on the left of the URL. When you make sure this is this page, scroll down to the download section;

  • Click the links
  • Click one of the mirrors you can find in the download section and carry on to other page;

  • Download the installing device
  • In the form of .apk file, get the game on your device, which is the installer at the same time. Once you download it, launch it and wait for the files to be installed;

  • Verify yourself
  • Now you need to launch the game. From time to time it is necessary to verify your activity before you launch the game for the first time. Click “ok” button and then follow the instructions;

  • Launch the game and enjoy it!
  • Once you complete verification process, restart the game and have fun while playing it!

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What are the benefits of using FIFA 20 Mobile apk?

If you decide to use FIFA 20 Mobile Download links, you will receive a fully compatible production that has much smaller size than its PC or console counterparts, yet with all the features and all the quality it offers. In that way, you can enjoy the production without worrying about any compromise. Here is a list of all benefits of using FIFA 20 Mobile apk:

  • Highly compatible – it means that you can get the game on any iOS and Android device as long as it is capable of launching FIFA 20 Mobile without any troubles. No freezes or lags, no troubles with not converted files. Optimization is at the highest level possible, and you don’t have to worry about anything at all.
  • Small size – The game weighs much less than the original version. Due to that, you will save a lot of space on your phone. Of course it does not influence the quality of visuals or sound. The game is still using Frostbite engine, what will certainly appeal to your taste.
  • Fully unlocked and complete – in addition to VOLTA Football mentioned earlier on, you will also find here career game mode, tournaments, and quick matches! Surprisingly, you will also receive access to multiplayer features and online game modes!
  • User-friendly controls – customize the screen of your phone the way you like! No more troubles with bad steering or unintuitive controls. You can change the position of every button on your phone to make things as user-friendly as it is possible.
  • Original content – storyline from The Journey and all other elements are here. No need to worry about lost files during conversion. Everything is there ready for you to use it for as long as you thing. You receive a 100% legitimate production that is consistent with what we are getting from EA Sports on PC and other platforms.
FIFA 20 character

Summary and conclusion

FIFA 20 Mobile is available for you and anybodyelse. You do not have to worry about installing anything else. You simply get one apk, install it on your mobile phone, and once it is there, and you also verified yourself, you're ready to take pleasure in the game